Our Sustainability Promise

There are many articles which we could link to to help us understand Sustainability in the outdoors, but we particularly like this one from Tomas Frydrych on UKClimbing.


  1. Bottle tops from water bought in supermarkets is one of the most common small items found left behind on the hills, Omega is trying to help reduce the amount of bits of plastic in our environment. One of the ways we are going to do this is by providing re-useable branded water bottles for all the clients we have out on mountain courses to try and prevent bottled water being bought and then thrown away at the end. 

Hill Walking/Climbing and Mountaineering

The age old saying 'Take only Photographs, Leave only Footprints'  has the same importance to us at Omega now than when we first heard it many years ago. However now our aim is to go one step further and try to actively improve the mountains and wild places as we travel through and use them.

  1. We not only take all of our own rubbish away with us including all food waste, but we encourage our clients to pick up rubbish that others have carelessly left behind.

  2. We aim to build a relationship with the people responsible for our local places, £2 from every client that we take up Ben Nevis will be donated back to the Nevis Landscape Partnership and their local conservation projects.

Mountain Biking​

The opportunities that the Outdoor Access Code gives us in Scotland for Mountain Biking are huge. However it also means there is an impact on our wild places due to bikes being allowed on paths and to more people being able to get to these places. At Omega we are thankful that we can go to these places but we felt we should have some guidelines and some ways for us to give back.

  1. We will limit our group numbers that venture into these areas, guides will not take groups of over 6 people into the mountains and if the group is larger than this then the two guides should do different routes or those rides on separate days.

  2. We will carry out an impact assessment each year and change our guided rides if we believe our presence is detrimental to the location and always try to take account of sensitive wildlife breeding periods.

  3. Locally and where possible we will contribute to the maintenance of the trails we choose to ride, we are already involved in the Fort William trail building scene and with help and guidance from parties such as DMBinS we will continue to help maintain the trails and see them progress.