Student Winter Skills Weekends

  • Looking to organise a winter weekend for the club?

  • Avalanche knowledge and safe travel skills need brushing up on?

  • Want to be able to split your team into ability groups and cover relevant skills?

  • Learn some basic rope work to help protect yourselves?

Based in Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, our student weekends are perfect for you to maximise the time you have.

Student Winter Skills Courses

Want to take the whole club away or even just a small group want to learn some new techniques.


Omega Guiding can put together a skills package that ticks all of the boxes whilst still being affordable.

All of the courses on our website can be customised to your clubs needs, check out the winter skills and winter climbing pages for ideas of workshops and courses we could run.

Even if you just wanted and experienced guide or instructor to come along one evening and do an avalanche or safety chat on an organised weekend away that is something we would be keen to help organise.