Mountain days and Big rides

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At Omega Guiding getting out mountain biking in Scotland is what we do most of and exploring by bike is by far the most exiting way to do this.

There are so many options for epic rides that it would be impossible to list them all, so the best thing to do if you fancy getting out is to take a look at some of the examples below and then give us a ring or a message and we can help you decide how to make the most of your time with us. Mountain biking in Fort William  - where we are based - is so good, it's one of the reasons Omega Guiding was started!

As with all our courses we suggest you get in contact so that we can tailor the day to you, just send us a message, email or give us a ring and we can help you have a day out to remember. Check out some ideas below!

West Highland Way Exploring

Stretching from Glasgow to Fort William the West Highland way weaves a route through the mountains. A nice mix between technical path and wonderful flowing singletrack. It breaks into perfectly sized sections, so could be ridden over a few days or even just one classic section if that was the only bit you wanted to do.

Torridon Classic Loops

Some of the most well-known big mountain rides in Scotland - in our opinion they are well worth all of the hype. Bedrock slabs, optional drops, technical mountain path all whilst surrounded by stunning 360 degree views. These routes can be done as single day rides or built into a multi- day epic west coast biking tour. 

East Coast Adventures

Take a trip over to the East and visit the more rolling hills of the Cairngorm National Park. Higher start points, well built paths, generally dryer weather and superb opportunities for finding amazing descents make this a brilliant destination for getting out on a mountain bike.

For more information send us a message, email or give us a ring! Mountain Biking in Scotland is epic, so come join us!!

We encourage people to bring their own bikes on our courses as this way you know the bike and are happy riding it, if you want to discuss this with us please just get in contact. We have good relationships with our local bike shops in the area (Nevis Cycles and Off Beat Bikes) who both have fleets of quality mountain bikes of various types, so we can organise hire for you if this is something you would rather.

To book please get in contact and we can send you through our booking form and payment details.

Check out our Kit List if you want to know more about what to wear and bring!