At Omega Guiding your day out and experience is the most important thing to us, which is why having a strong team of guides and supporting them to give you the best possible day out, is one of our top priorities. We believe that all our staff should be highly qualified in their chosen disciplines (not a legal requirement in the UK) and that having this level of qualification allows us to send them out knowing they have been assessed to rigorous standards. We believe that it is not only about their qualifications, having a passion for the Landscape, Environment and the History of Scotland is equally important. 

Why Choose us?


Rob, Ben Nevis
Rob, Ben Nevis

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Rob, Ben Nevis
Rob, Ben Nevis

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Rob is the Head Guide and proud owner of Omega Guiding.

He is a qualified Mountaineering Instructor, Mountain Bike leader, Sea Kayaking Guide and holds various other qualifications across all outdoor disciplines, so often it will be his enthusiastic and friendly face that you will see out and about guiding people.

He moved to Scotland to work after University and now couldn't imagine living anywhere else; as with all our instructors he is passionate about the area that we get to call home and sharing it with others through the adventures we have at Omega is part of the reason he started the company.

Book Rob specifically by emailing us or by checking out his profile on Ascendero


Why Choose Us

Sometimes we get asked what you are getting choosing Omega Guiding over other companies in the area and for us it is about providing the highest possible quality experience for our customers. Here are some of the reasons we believe you should choose us!

1)  We are a small company dedicated to you and your experience. We keep our guiding ratios low to mean you get a more inclusive experience.

2)  We really value our staff team and their knowledge and therefore we pay them an excellent wage and as a product of this we believe they want to work with us and strive to give you the customer the best possible time. 

3) All of our guides are experienced and hold high level professional qualifications, but we choose our guides based more on how they interact with our clients, all our guides are friendly, passionate and brilliant with people.

4) As you can see from the photos on our website (which are all our own) we try and make sure that all of our clients get some photo memories to take away with them, and we offer our Photography days for people who want that extra special photo.

5)  We are committed to improving the local bike trails, paths and wild areas that we use for work and in our free time. (see our Sustainability page for more information)

6)  For every person that we take out into the mountains we donate to Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team to hopefully allow this incredible resource we have in Fort William to continue. You can also donate here!

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